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Sabbath School



Every Saturday morning we meet from 9:15 am to 9:45 am for special family time. Then, we meet in smaller study groups from 9:45 am to 10:45 am. There are multiple adult classes to choose from with the goal of meeting the various needs of our members and visitors. Whether it is the new member, young adult, Ethiopian (with Amharic as the primary language), or general adult class, there is an option for everyone. The weekly Sabbath School Bible study guide is available online and via mobile app



Our children's classes are organized by age and include singing, prayer, bible lessons and activities - all of which are Christ-centered. From birth through high school, our children are experiencing how to have a personal relationship with Jesus through the leadership of our dedicated teachers. 

Lessons for children's Sabbath School are from the GraceLink Sabbath School Study Guides for our Cradle Roll and Kindergarten, My Bible First Lessons for our Primary, PowerPoints Study Guides for our Juniors, and Real Time Faith Study Guides for our Earliteens. 

Children's Sabbath School



Cradle Roll









Birth - 3 years

4 - 6 years

7 - 9 years

10 - 12 years

13 - 14 years

15 - 18 years


Our morning worship services are from 10:55 am to 12:00 pm (or so). Everyone is welcome in the worship service, from the oldest to the youngest, Christians and individuals who are not yet Christians. Family, guests, seekers and the curious are always welcome, too. The worship service will have singing with music, a children's story, Bible readings and the message from the pastor. You can listen to the latest sermon on our sermons page.




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