Pastor Kent Dunwoody 



Kent Dunwoody was born in Moberly, Missouri to wonderful parents, who kept him grounded
with honesty, integrity and hard work. Kent attended and graduated high school from the
Moberly Public School system. Kent attended the University of Missouri and the Moberly
Community College with an emphasis in business and computer programming. Kent then
began a career in the power industry and Kent met his wife Sarah, who first introduced him to
the Seventh-day Adventist faith.
Growing up, Kent did not have a church affiliation and had not claimed Christ as his Savior.
After getting married, Sarah claimed Acts 16:31 and prayed for Kent for 14 years. After a series
of events; a student from Sunnydale giving him Bible studies, a new Pastor and church family
taking an interest in Kent, a friendship began which included more Bible studies and Kent’s
acceptance of Jesus as his Savior. Kent was baptized in October of 1994.
Kent became very active and was asked to serve in leadership roles in various ministries and
evangelistic events. Both Kent and Sarah have been very active with several ministries and
have a passion for evangelism. After earning a degree in Business Management, Kent was
promoted and transferred to southeastern Missouri, where Kent and his family attended the
Cape Girardeau Seventh-day Adventist Church, then transferred back to Moberly, Missouri, and
promoted to Manager of Labor Relations and transferred to Springfield, Missouri. With each
move, both Kent and Sarah were involved in ministry, Bible Studies, small group studies and
evangelism. After 32 years of working in the power industry Kent left his job and spent the next
year serving his local church. Kent and Sarah moved to the Columbia Missouri area where they
both became involved in homeless ministries, Douglass Park ministry, Celebrate Recovery
ministry, and community involvement. At each church that Kent and Sarah attended, Kent was
asked to serve as an Elder. Both Kent and Sarah have been excited with being involved in their
community and meeting the needs of people and introducing them to Jesus.
After much prayer, in June of 2014 Kent accepted a call to ministry from the Iowa-Missouri
Conference to pastor the Sioux City and Spencer, Iowa Seventh-day Adventist churches, where
he served for 4.5 years. Married for 36 years, Kent and Sarah have two children, a daughter
Rachael, married to Chris Karr and their son Keaton, who reside in Rolla, Missouri. Their son
Ryan, lives in Jefferson City, Missouri and he has a special friend Savanah and her daughter
Emma. Kent and Sarah are currently serving the Golden Valley and Kansas City Central
Churches. Kent and Sarah have hearts for those in need and for those who they meet each
day. Both Kent and Sarah enjoy working in their communities to serve people with needs and
sharing the love of Christ.